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Chikki - Popular Groundnut Jaggery Sweet
  • Ground Nuts or Peanuts – 150gms
  • Grated Jaggery – 90gms
  • Powdered Sugar – 85gms
  • Water – 25gms
  • Candy Thermometer – For Measuring Temperature of Syrups

We need to roast the peanuts and remove their skins. Take the peanuts on to a paper plate and place this plate in a microwave oven. Roast the peanuts on high power for one minute. Allow half a minute standing time before removing the nuts from oven. To remove the skins of the nuts, cool them till warm and rub between your palms. Another method is, take the roasted peanuts in a cloth. Bring all the edges of the cloth together and make a pouch. Rub on the pouch with the palm so that the skins peel off from the nuts. One more easy method to remove the skins of roasted nuts is, hold the pouch tight and beat it on the kitchen platform from all sides. After few minutes of beating, open the pouch and see that the skins are separated from the peanuts. Remove the skins and keep the roasted peanuts aside. Invert a steel tumbler and apply ghee on the outer side of the base. Take a square cake tin and an aluminum foil of the tin size. Apply ghee inside the cake tin all over and place the aluminum foil in the base of the cake tin. Apply ghee on the aluminum foil also and keep this aside.


Take water in a plate and keep it near the stove. Heat a pan on low flame and add water to it. Add grated jaggery to the water and mix. Heat another pan on medium heat and add powdered sugar to it and keep on stirring it. After some time observe that the jaggery is boiling. Stir the jaggery mixture in between and cook on low flame only. Meanwhile observe that the powdered sugar has also started melting. Lower the heat of the pan in which we are caramelizing the sugar. Allow the powdered sugar to melt till it caramelizes and changes to a nice golden brown color. Once it attains golden brown color remove from heat. At this stage drop some caramelized syrup in cold water and see that it crystallizes immediately. The syrup dropped in water becomes hard. If you notice the temperature on candy thermometer it should be between 150 degrees and 160 degrees celsius. Further heating the sugar gets a burnt smell with a dark brown color. Keep this caramelized sugar pan away from the stove and keep stirring it in between. Now observe that the jaggery syrup has also thickened. Drop some jaggery syrup in cold water and see that it has reached soft ball consistency. The temperature on candy thermometer at this stage should be 120 degree. At this temperature cook the jaggery syrup for 2 minutes. Add the caramelized sugar in the jaggery syrup and immediately add the roasted peanuts. Mix all well till nuts are coated with the syrup mixture. Pour this mixture in the prepared cake tin and spread it evenly. At this stage work fast otherwise the syrup thickens and the whole thing will be unmanageable. Press the mixture with the ghee smeared tumbler to get evenness in thickness. Let it cool for 3 to 4 minutes and mark it with a flat ladle or a knife while still warm. Once the mixture cools, it hardens. So mark the chikki while the mixture is still warm. Keep this cake tin aside and cool completely. When the mixture has completely cooled down, turn it on to a plate. Remove the aluminum foil and break it along the marks to get nice square pieces of chikki. Take a piece of chikki in hand and see how brittle it is. Enjoy serving this tasty chikki to your family members or guests.
Video:: Gulaab Jaamun (channar Puli)

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