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Pala Kova (Doodh peda)
  • Milk (preferably Full cream milk)  - 1 litre
  • Cream - 200 gms (255 milk fat - low fat cream)
  • Sugar - 150 gms

For preparing paala kova (Doodh Peda / Khoa) use a broad and big pan. There should be enough space for the milk to boil while  being stirred - on boiling the milk should not spill out of the pan. So use a big pan.

Add milk and cream to the pan and heat it on high flame stirring continuously. Cook the milk on high flame only till it becomes thick. Stirring the milk mixture continuously is very important for obtaining smooth texture of paala kova. Milk, while boiling, sticks to the sides of the pan and becomes thick. In between, scrape the sides with the ladle and add to the boiling milk.

After 20 minutes of boiling on high flame milk becomes thick resembling heavy cream. Cook for some more time till moisture evaporates and the milk becomes thick. Remember to stir the milk mixture continuously.

After 30 minutes observe that the milk has reduced further becoming thick. At this stage add sugar. Add sufficient quantity of sugar or add sugar as per taste. After adding sugar lower the flame to minimum and cook stirring. When sugar melts, the thickened milk mixture becomes liquid. Cook stirring on very low flame till the mixture becomes thick. Do not be tempted to cook on high flame. As the pan is sufficiently hot and there is not much moisture left in the milk mixture, if we cook on high flame the mixture gets burnt at the bottom of the pan. Bubbles appear while cooking when there is moisture in the milk mixture. When bubbles disappear while cooking, then the paala kova is ready to be removed from the pan. Transfer the prepared paala kova into a plate and set it aside to cool to room temperature. Once cool, paala kova is ready to serve. To shape it into pedas, cool the paala kova in refrigerator for some time. The paala kova thickens on cooling. Smear ghee on palms and take a small portion of the paala kova and make round by pressing between palms. When the prepared ball is round press it lightly with finger in the centre to give a slight depression. Like this prepare pedas from the paala kova and store in refrigerator till use. The pedas prepared from the paala kova will not retain their shape when kept at room temperature. To make the pedas which retain shape at room temperature, add small quantity of maida while cooking the milk-cream mixture.
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